SuperThank is a human gratitude engine organized around the mission of growing communities that magnify and continue to amplify acts of radical gratitude for stuff that matters.

The idea – a human gratitude engine – is a community gratitude experiment of sorts.

SuperThank, led by an all-volunteer team, facilitates the creation of gratitude networks to express gratitude on a superhuman scale for people who have done things to make our lives better.

Whether its coaching storytellers to tell top-notch stories at the Stories of Gratitude Series, SuperThank’s live storytelling event, or assisting with a crowd thank — kind of like crowdfunding, but where gratitude and appreciation is expressed in lieu of currency to someone for being AMAZING human beings. SuperThank is a super way to say thanks!

Our Story

Everyday, there is critical work done getting done in the public realm that isn’t always one person’s defined job. Some things just seem to happen even without obvious incentives or rewards. Each day, whether we’re aware of their efforts or not, there are folks who go above and beyond for all of us: from education, to healthy communities, to clean streets and a working democracy.

We are often grateful but struggle to express our gratitude in a way that seems sufficient to those we appreciate. Or maybe we can’t figure out who actually deserves our time and thanks. How do we express gratitude when simply saying Thank You doesn’t seem like enough?

SuperThank serves as a hub to say thanks and express gratitude in creative ways – from your desk, your cell phone, or even better, face-to-face.