Tell Your Gratitude Story

Are you a storyteller? You don’t need to be a seasoned storyteller to share you story of gratitude in front of a live audience at the SuperThank’s Stories of Gratitude series. We provide free coaching and support leading up to your big night!

What better way to say super thanks than in front of a room full of friends and strangers? Share your gratitude with the person who’s impacted you most in a radical way with support from your community.The underthanked deserve it!

You will make their day! And those who listen will know of just that more goodness in the world.

Help us reach a billion

How would you feel if you could be a part of something bigger than yourself? What if your actions could change someone’s life?

Nominate a Candidate to be SuperThanked

It’s the dentist who chose not to charge a family in need of a break for their children’s braces…
It’s the lawyer that saved your business pro bono…
It’s the volunteer who plants trees, or the organization that provides after school enrichment programs, or the non-profit who works to ensure basic rights and access to services…
It’s the mail carrier, the garbage hauler, the kind neighbor…

Do you know someone who has worked tirelessly for others? It’s likely you know at least one person who is always thinking of others but seems to forget about themselves.

If you know one of these fine folks, show them some SuperThanks! We would love to help you express radical community gratitude to this special individual so they know how much they are appreciated. Simply fill out this quick nomination form. Together, we’ll find a way to express how grateful we all are for their valiant efforts!

A SuperThank is:

  1. An expression of radical community gratitude for someone/something that matters
  2. An expression of gratitude that  includes more than two people
  3. A little like crowdfunding, but with tokens of thanks instead of money to express gratitude and appreciation an individual or organization and the values they embody

Help us reach our goal of one billion acts of radical community gratitude. Join us at our next SuperThank event!