Our SuperThank Community Storytelling Series is more than a live event; it’s part of a powerful movement, serving to encourage and amplify radical acts of gratitude through storytelling that fosters community well-being and connection. We host SuperThank events to highlight the efforts of our unsung heroes, and to express gratitude for those we appreciate, but who haven’t received our thanks as much as they should.

To date, we’ve hosted over 100 storytellers at our live events; that’s over 100 individuals willing to share their story of gratitude publicly, on stage, in front of dozens of people they don’t know, in hopes their gratitude is not only heard, but received and spread by the voices of their audience members!


Looking for a special and memorable way to honor a staff member, mentor, or community member who has made a positive impact in your life? Instead of roasting your retiring employee, why not send them off in gratitude?

Here are some other ideas to host a special event…

  • ◊ Fundraiser for someone in need
  • ◊ Organization fundraiser
  • ◊ Team building/moral booster
  • ◊ Staff anniversary celebration
  • ◊ Retirement party/sendoff
  • ◊ Celebrate a company milestone
  • ◊ Brand building
  • ◊ Recognition for someone special


SuperThank provides a variety of professional services to help your storytelling event run smoothly. To help offset our costs, we ask for a suggested donation in exchange for expert support, coaching and marketing of your event. Create you own custom package and select the services you’d like for your live event. When you’re finished, you can view your “cart”.

We want to be sure we are spreading stories that help us achieve our mission of radical community gratitude… for stuff that matters. Before you begin filling out the form below, please review SuperThank’s storytelling criteria.

Fill out and submit the host a live event form.


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  • a spotlight with drawing effect

    Lighting 75

    $75 Add to cart

    We provide professional event lighting and set-up to ensure your storytellers remain in the spotlight. Good lighting is important to set the mood, enhance photos, while allowing the storytellers to feel extra special (which is how we want them to feel, because they are doing a very brave thing!).

  • Event Poster 50

    $50 Add to cart

    We’ll create a custom promotional poster on your behalf. Our graphic designer will work with your team to create an event poster that captures the unique spirit of your event.

  • Social Media & Email Marketing 25

    $25 Add to cart

    We’ll create an Eventbrite listing and Facebook event on your behalf. This service includes Facebook event management and two promotion emails sent to your attendees (a distribution list must be provided).

    event promotion poster

  • Microphone and Speaker Rental 75

    $75 Add to cart

    Need a PA system? We’ve got you covered! We provide professional speakers and a microphone, plus equipment set-up for your use. The PA system greatly enhances the storytelling experience and is necessary for live recordings.

  • Produced Podcast 200

    $200 Add to cart

    Create a podcast of your storytelling event to ensure your stories are heard beyond the room. Use your podcast as you’d like!

    For example…

    ◊ Share it in an email to express gratitude to your members and supporters.
    ◊ Post it on your website and share it on your social media accounts for the public to enjoy.
    ◊ Send it to your storytellers as a “Thank You”.
    ◊ Play clips at your next fundraiser.

    A SuperThank Storytelling podcast improves your chances of being aired on the radio too. You may even hear it on!

    We provide recording equipment, a sound technician, editing and packaging of your podcast.

  • Raw Audio Recording 100

    $100 Add to cart

    If you’d prefer raw, unedited audio, we can record your live event for you. We provide recording equipment, a sound technician, editing and an audio file for your organization to use as you’d like.

  • Personal Coaching for Each Storyteller 35/session

    $35 Add to cart

    Your coach will meet with your storytellers one-on-one to provide tips and feedback on their presentation.

  • Coaching Workshop for Your Storytellers 25/hour

    $25 Add to cart

    We’ll assemble a small coaching team (1-2 coaches) to meet with your group of storytellers for 1-2 hours to train them on how to tell their gratitude story like pros.

  • Partner Venue 25

    $25 Add to cart

    We work with The Waypost and The Taproom at Eastburn in Portland to host SuperThank’s Stories of Gratitude Series events. The capacity at these venues is between 100-125 people. We prefer these venues for their nice staging areas and ample space for our recording equipment. They provide staff, a full bar, and food to order. This is a 21+ venue. We also partner with The Wayfinding Academy in N.Portland for larger events.

  • Alternative Venue Coordination 50*

    $50 Add to cart

    If you’d prefer to use another venue, our event coordinator would be happy to help find another location. We will work within your budget to meet your needs and to support you in hosting a successful event.

    *Added to event space fees

  • Event Staff 75

    $75 Add to cart

    Need folks to staff the check-in table and greet people at the door? We can help with that. Our friendly staff will add a nice touch to your event. Also, if you’d like, you can provide us with your organization literature and we’ll pass it out at the event too!

  • Event Photographer 25

    $25 Add to cart

    Let our skilled event photographer document the mood of your event so you can hold onto the memory of it forever!
    Our photographer will capture storytellers as they share on stage as well as audience reactions throughout the event.

    Psst…a portrait of your storytellers is always a nice touch to say “thanks” for their performance.

  • An online space to share thanks 155

    $155 Add to cart

    Want to provide a space for folks to share gratitude for a staff member, mentor, or community member featured at your storytelling event? Let us create a living gratitude wall for you. It’s a way to memorialize the collective gratitude for an individual or organization in advance of and beyond their special evening. It’s also a great opportunity to include those who cannot attend the live storytelling event but wish to express their gratitude in a (pretty radical) community setting.

  • Event MC 75

    $75 Add to cart

    We have experienced MCs who can help manage your live storytelling event in a compelling, yet entertaining way. Able to assist with audience participation and other needs.