Stories of Gratitude Recorded at SuperThank’s Live Storytelling Series in Portland, Oregon


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SuperThank’s storytelling events bring together members of our community to share their stories about the people and organizations who are making us a better and stronger community.

CRAFTOn April Fool’s Day in 2014, SuperThank brought seven phenomenal people together to express gratitude in an authentic, genuine and radical way at our very first Live Storytelling Event. We continue to hold these events in Portland on a regular basis.

Some speakers prepare in advance, and there is an open mic session, too, so please bring your own stories if you’d like to share. The SuperThank series takes place in front of a live audience. All stories are captured by audio recording and some are adapted for use on SuperThank Radio on XRAY.FM.

The SuperThank Live Storytelling Events and SuperThank Radio are an expression of community gratitude we hope will make a difference. Please join us at our next event and participate in an expression of radical community gratitude.

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