The stories at SuperThank's Stories of Gratitude Series will open your eyes to a new kind of radical gratitude.

From first-time storytellers to experts on the mic, you'll hear heartfelt stories of radical community gratitude for those who goes above and beyond in our communities to make all of our lives just a little better.

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Join SuperThank & Returning Veterans Project in May

Returning Veterans Project is partnering with SuperThank on May 2, 2017 at the EastBurn to highlight the contributions of our generous volunteer providers who give so freely to ensure low barrier healthcare for our, post-9/11 war zone veterans and their families. We are thrilled to be able to share this evening of gratitude through stories of service, healing and recovery.

Returning Veterans Project is now in it’s 12th year of service in Oregon and SW Washington in providing free consumer driven healthcare. RVP provides mental health counseling, massage, acupuncture, naturopathic and chiropractic care,
equine and art therapy, and writing groups.

And, to ensure best practice services, we also offer culturally informed trainings on PTSD, traumatic brain injury, military sexual trauma and suicide prevention.

Please join us on May 2nd at 6:00 at the East Burn to raise a pint for a great purpose: GRATITUDE!

For more information:

To be announced

Doors at 6:30 pm. Show starts at 7 pm.

21+ in the Tap Room at Eastburn.
Doors at 6:30 pm. Show starts at 7 pm.

Share your gratitude before, after, or during the event with Returning Veterans Project on SuperThank's Gratitude Wall.


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Our combined live storytelling series and radio program offers one way to say thank you. A radical expression of community gratitude, and we think it just might make a difference.

All stories told at live events are captured by audio recording and may be adapted for use on SuperThank Radio on XRAY.FM.

Who will you thank?

The librarian that inspired your daughter to become an avid reader and writer...

The neighbors that gave you shoelaces and lunch money when your mom was on drugs...

The mentor who made sure you received your GED, or the advocate that kept you off the streets...

It’s radical community gratitude ... for stuff that matters.

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