Storyteller Guidelines

Do You Have a Story of Gratitude to Share?

We are always looking for stories of gratitude that:

1. Focus on gratitude and on community. Specifically, your story should aim to express gratitude for an individual (or group), the “thankee,” who has gone above and beyond their own personal interest/s to add value to our community in some way—big or small—that benefits all of us, and who has yet to be thanked or recognized for their contributions.

2. Include some element of personal sacrifice on the part of the “thankee,” and clearly demonstrate the relevance of the act on you, the speaker, and the community — How was this act a game changer?

3. Help the listeners appreciate how our the community is connected or think about what it means to be part of a community.

4. Engage and compel the listener, whether the story exposes an unexpected kindness, changes our perspective, or brings our attention to overlooked people in our lives and communities.

5. Inspire you to share the story, and will continue to inspire you time and time again. If this story is meaningful for you to tell, it will be felt by those who hear it.

Your submission should be 300 words or less.
Submit your story.

We will also accept recordings of your stories. Please keep your recording to under 2 minutes in length. Email your submission using the guidelines above to

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