How will you tell your story?

Have you thought about how you'd share your personal gratitude for that super amazing individual or group who made a life-changing impact on your life? We've put together some guidelines for you to use as you think about your story.

Essential and /or Extraordinary conduct by the Thankee/s

  • How did they go above and beyond to improve their community?
  • Was their act game changing, creative or innovative?

Supersized thank(s) that amplifies expressed gratitude

  • How is the thank itself creative, interesting, innovative, attention – grabbing, game-changing?
  • Will it amplify the efforts and support for your thankee?
  • Will it be memorable?

Storytelling Tips

what makes a good gratitude story?

  • 01

    Great stories keep the focus on the subject of your story and how your gratitude was inspired.

  • 02

Your story is best told between 3-8 minutes. Try not to rush to the end since, often, that is where the best stuff happens.

  • 03

    Work with one of our coaches. We have team members who’ll help you tell your gratitude story with confidence.

  • 04

    Make sure your friends and neighbors hear your story. Invite your them to listen to you share your story so others can build on your appreciation.