Who Do You Appreciate?

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Is there an organization that’s made a lasting impact on your life? Chances are you can name at least one.

We rely on help from all kinds of organizations at various points in our lives. They can help us to find community or gain access to affordable healthcare, legal representation, employment opportunities, housing, pet care; they advocate for our rights and support us during our personal struggles; the list goes on. But all too often after we get what we need from these organizations, we move on with little or no acknowledgement of their efforts. Maybe we think about sending a “Thank You” card or email, but then we get busy and, well, you know the rest.

What if you had an opportunity to thank, in a radical and meaningful way, an organization, or more specifically, the volunteers and staff of the organization, who made a difference in your life?

SuperThank helps facilitate live storytelling events (in Portland, OR) to share “super” thanks to the under-thanked. Learn more about our efforts here.

Watch our video and take a minute to think about an organization you’d like to show some love. Once you have a name in mind, share it in the comments section below.

Who would you thank?